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You have achieved your goal. You are an acknowledged model, walking the glamorous runway. You're traveling the world, in the midst of a lucrative career in editorial as well as advertisement. You are ready for a new and exciting change, a new challenge.

You believe that acting in film or commercial is the direction you want to follow. When you are making that transition it can be challenging if you don't know where to begin. In your mind, go back to before you became a successful model. You signed with a modeling agency that acted as your manager and found appropriate jobs for you. You set goals for your portfolio, your resume, your network of potential clients and planned to achieve these goals.

Whether you are a beginning model or actor, there are always the inevitable obstacles and setbacks. It can be difficult to imagine another path with potential rejection, but keep an open mind and explore the new craft. You already have the publicity and the social network and this turning point is not impossible. In fact, it is very common for models to do both acting and modeling work.

There are just a few things you need to learn when it comes to acting-- even though it is a similar form of art it is different in many ways. Just like any profession, acting classes will provide education and training that will help any actor perfect their craft. Taking classes is a good first step in morphing yourself to an actor. You will learn to slate and audition as an actor among other things. Finding the right agency is important. There are many out there. Your acting agents will inform you about movie, television and commercial auditions when a role comes up that is right for you, so your job is to find the one that best suits your needs and you feel comfortable with.

Just like for modeling, you need drive, desire, perseverance and self confidence. Believing in who you are and knowing your potential is half the battle. In the entertainment industry the possibilities are endless.