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You may not live in Tinsel Town or the Big Apple, but that doesn't mean you can't find work in the industry that has made towns ubiquitous with the glitz and glam of success. As an actor, the importance of casting calls is monumental. Especially if you aren't yet signed with an agency-- this is primarily how you will book work. Casting notices are being posted all the time. You can find them online and in local industry publications. Of course, it's impossible to book work unless you are seen for a casting, so getting out the door and into those rooms is imperative to your success. It is in your best interest to get informed and prepare yourself to take advantage of these opportunities.

It's no secret that the industry is competitive. Long before any A-list actor walked the red carpet or clutched Oscar gold, they walked in and out of many, many auditions, most of which they never booked. In an industry where every "no" leads you closer to a "yes," you must be ready to swim the deepest sea before you can arrive at the shores of fame.

Don't become discouraged and think that because you're not in Hollywood or New York that you will not get cast for a film. While New York and Hollywood are hotspots of the Entertainment Industry, you will find that there are casting calls for auditions all around the globe.

The work is out there. You just have to be willing to put in the time and leg work. Imagine where you want to go in your career. Visualize getting that call: "You've got the part!" Before you can attain it, you have to believe that you can do it. Be confident. You have no limit to your strength.

There are numerous casting websites available for actors. Whether you are Union or non-union, there are breakdowns that may fit you on these websites:,, and are just a few examples. Make sure to utilize all of your resources. Diligently read the industry trade magazines. Pay attention to popular media to find out about local casting calls. Be on top of any and all ways that you can get in the door of a professional casting office to be seen.

You can listen to radio stations for occasional casting announcements. The most popular radio stations might announce open casting calls in your area. Some newspaper publications are an excellent resource (Backstage West, if you're in LA, is great). Keep an eye on the "Life and Entertainment" section of newspapers regularly. There are plenty of commercial casting calls, whether it's for a sixty-second commercial or one that lasts several minutes. Commercial casting calls are very common world-wide.

Open casting calls are the best and most common way for actors to get noticed. Disney Channel holds open calls all over the world, all year round. If you get cast, Disney can get you professional acting experience quickly. There's always room for everyone and there's a great assortment of roles to fill. Your face may represent something- an idea, a character or an agenda that suits a brand. No matter what it takes, never give up.